Friday, December 12, 2008


Ok, so I HAVE to write today! I don't know how many people know this, but this past semester has been a tough one for me... (to say the least), I was only taking 12 credits but I was taking chemistry and statistics at the same time which were both difficult for me. I am not the best at math and science...I am more of a language, writing and literature kind of person. But many local family and friends know that I was busy this semester studying alot, and I do mean ALOT. Well, all the hard work, never missing a single class, and studying any free chance that I could get, they all paid off. I ended up passing chemistry with a C, not the greatest, but honestly I only got a C because the Lord helped me, I could not have done it without Him. I did my part and He filled in my gaps. As for statistics, I'm not quite sure yet how I did, but I was doing well before the final so that should be fine as well. Thanks to all my family and friends who helped out so much keeping Amulek and being so supportive of me in my pursuit of a degree. Being educated is very important to me, and I for sure could not have done any of this without all the help, support, and encouragement from everyone and the immense blessings The Lord has given me!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I promise its my last post of the day! BREAK! it is FINALLY here!

ok so I have been pulling myself through these last few weeks of classes. I dont know why but my university here in Va decided to only give us one break the entire semester. A week long Thanksgiving break. Now I am not complaining, but there are pros and cons to this decision. Many students I know need a break before now, including myself. Thing is, we have this upcoming week off, we come back for only one week of classes then we have finals.. doesn't that sound ridiculous to some of you?? I am sorry but, I think whoever decided this new break schedule is also doing an experiment to see how stress levels rise and how test scores decline! Anyway, I am sooo psyched for this break! So I am celebrating tonight with some friends. We are going to see TWILIGHT the movie at 4 pm today then going out to dinner. No kids! I am thrilled! A girls night out! I love my son and my amazing sweet hubby but I am in NEED of this no brain needed and no responsibility evening! Just good times! And some yummy thai food!

Love love Love

Garner loves to hug Amulek, and we often ask him too just cause its so cute. Well we got a picture that I thought was hilarious. But let me explain... Garner will at times get VERY enthusiastic when taking pictures especially when we tell him to say cheese. He will tense up and say it with umf.So just so you know Garner isn't trying to hurt Amulek, just showing his immense love for his cousin. So, these are the pictures expressing love from one cousin to another! We love you Garner!

Cousins are The BESTEST!

So I wanted to post about a fun day Amulek and I were able to have last week. My sister(in-law) Sarah is about to have a baby literally any day now. And we are all sooooooo excited! My younger brother Micah and I decided to go down and help a little bit and get things ready for our first niece! Woohoo! Anyway, part of the trip too was so Amulek and cousin Garner could get together and play, which doesn't happen as often as we all would like, so I recorded the boys playing together since NaMa wasn't there to see. She loves seeing her kids AND grandkids play together, which I am sure brings a tear to her eye. *kisses for mom* So hope you enjoy, and HOPE you can hear, cause I whispered on one of the recordings. Ok so I think I am gonna post two, so enjoy! I should have taken pictures of Sarah too, she was on a roll.. nonstop! She made us yummy dinner and breakfast, BUT she also made some AMAZING scones, like the best Ive ever had. Oh my goodness!!! Unbelievable! She is a great cook!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Binky Lover

So around the age of I guess 5 months Amulek got into the binky thing. And it still is a constant companion of his, especially when he is sick and at bedtime, he wakes up looking for it. Well there are times when Amulek will have a binky in his mouth then as he is playing he finds another one, and will trade them off every few seconds. Its quite hilarious, as if they have different flavors and he can distinguish them. Anyway, the other day we were playing on the bed and the following happened....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wasting Time

So I probably be studying, but I DON'T WANT TO!! I feel like a stubborn child having a tantrum when I say it, but I am so sick of it now... I only have 2 more weeks of classes, we haven't had a single break this I am in need of a break, BIG TIME! I am REALLY looking forward to Thanksgiving, but I have to study pretty much the entire week, THEN I get to come back, have final tests, THEN study for finals!! *sigh*, *deep breath*, If I seem scatter brained, not there, completely lost, or frustrated.. you all now know why. I am ALMOST at the end of my rope...I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS! Ok Ok... haha I WILL make it, and I WILL pass my classes!
Some pretty cute fun news:
Amulek is now very interactive. We say prayers all the time, before bed, in the morning, at meals, church, etc.. he now bows his head and says his form of "amen", its pretty cute. And he does this new things as if he is playing peek-a-boo, he closes his eyes and grins like we can't see him... its hilarious... he'll walk around doing it too... which isn't very safe... but, he'll also start walking backwards-which AMAZES me the kid has such good balance! And yeah, he tried to climb on top on the computer table yesterday! He is not afraid of anything! Ok I better go study!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

school is the definition of life

I am learning day by day, literally. I am a full time student, a wife, a mom, sister, daughter, and human being. I LOVE learning. I honestly take every opportunity I can to ask questions and learn something new about a culture/country, lifestyle choices, my classes, etc. I want to know the why to many things in life. Right now unfortunately social life is not on the top of my priority list BUT I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friends and family who are always calling and making sure I am still sane :) and surviving my last few semesters of college.
Life is hectic but great. I am currently passing all my classes which is a good sign, which means I get to take physiology and microbiology! woohoo! I am anxiously awaiting my turn for those classes, with fear and excitement!
Amulek is such an amazing baby! Update , he is now almost 29 inches tall, still right at 19 lbs 12 ounces, hasnt gained much weight in 5 months).
Things Amulek can do all by himself:
1) read books haha he points at each word and moves his mouth as if he were REALLY reading! Thanks to NaMa, she LOVES to read to her grandkids!
2) stack blocks- this is no joke! Amulek LOVES his blocks, and his daddy sat down with him one night to show him how to stack and ever since Amulek LOVES to stack and CRASH em'! But the other day we were all in his room just talking, and Amulek was gathering his blocks and started to stack a few, then he went lookinng for more and stacked 8 blocks ALL BY HIMSELF! Thats HIGH for a 12 month old!
3) CLIMBING! YEP! we now have a to be mountain climber on our hands! He thinks he is infincable! Scares me ALL THE TIME! And all he does is smile at me!
He is such an amazing kid, really! We love him. He looks alot like his daddy, but alot of his personality traits come from me.
Erix and I.. are GREAT! We have finally gotten our own place and are enjoying our small but VERY CUTE apartment. Our friendship has definately become stronger. Life is trully wonderful!

Ist been way too long

Its now autumn, my FAVORITE time of year!! I have been waiting for the right time to get family pictures taken and this past weekend was it! I have a good friend named Erika Lassen who lives in Waynesboro who offered her photography services to me months ago, I finally accepted her offer and we met in a local park and she took some pictures of us that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, and I thought I would share a few with you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School, Back to School, to prove to dad Im not a fool.... anyone anyone.....

Today is my first day back to school,for my FINAL YEAR!!!!! I am so psyched... I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a rough start though this morning. Erix and I decided to wake up at 5:45 to have some time to talk without interuption from our sweet boy Amulek... haha we spoke... and kept falling asleep mid sentence. but we did seem to get a few words in, and a prayer before we both had to get up and start moving and preparing for a day of work and school. Amulek slept through it all. I have already been to chemistry this morning, which only lasted 20 of the scheduled 50 mins, which in all honesty disappointed me. I wanted to get a real start today, I should have known better.
Ok so I know I need to update some photos which I will do when I get a chance. Maybe tonight or tomorrow, I got things to do,my to do list is pretty long for the next few days, but I will do my best to post some pics of who you all really want to see...Amulek. Anyone who reads... please wish me luck and keep me in your prayers for a VERY successful last year in college!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Simple Things

So, I just wanted to share a great moment. Life is an interesting journey, one that I will never "get the hang of", its always changing,always unexpected dips, turns, bumps, dead ends where I gotta make a U-TURN, or maybe even some slow traffic every now and then too, and all the while I feel where the heck am I goin', and why??? I know my ultimate goal, but I have no clue sometimes why i do certain things or where/what my decisions may take/ or lead me to. I just GO. But I must say, the Lord is so aware of me, so much more than I ever realize. I have everything I have ever wanted, and maybe more than I deserve. I am so grateful for my husband, he knows me better than he admits or can express. I have THE most cute kid, he makes me so happy and I love that he needs me, and I need him. I love friends...I totally lack sufficient words and power to express how my friends have helped me out in the most random ways..they will never know how many times they saved me. My simple great moment is simply this...I just had that moment of clarity today where a bit of my load was lifted and I saw my life a lil' more clearly. Life is great, I appreciate every breath I am permitted in this existence, and every experience I have with family, friends, loved ones, random people I meet, and personal moments. It all makes me wanna live, love, and laugh a bit more each day.And if by chance anyone of you catch me on a down moment- just remind me of these words. And if any of you that read this ever need anything from me... TELL ME...let me help you as you have helped me.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Little Latin Cutie

So as is easy to see, Amulek is half Honduran... his Tia (aunt) Moncha bought him some cute shirts and outfits from Costa Rica last year and we put him in this little white suit and he looked sooo cute... he looks like such a little man.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Walking! 9 months old!

So on the 14th, a week ago today Amulek was 9 months old. And we had his checkup- just for an update- he is 27 1/4 inches long, 19 lbs and 4 oz. and VERY healthy. He did'nt gain very much from 6 to 9 months, he has really slimmed up since he is ALL OVER the place. Im telling you the kid is NON STOP! But I love he is so active.
And yes Amulek has started to walk!!! UH OH!! He has taken one step towards me before, he started that like 3 weeks ago but after the one step he'd always squat down and reach up for me, but haha yesterday I was trying to do some work on the computer and he wasn't happy with that, so what did he do.. he starts climbing the side of my chair... he climbed up onto the foot rest while holding on to the armrest, then proceeded to climb so his feet were on the seat, still holding on to the armrest!! I laughed and was shocked of course and I asked him "what are you doin' kid?!?" he just smiled, but I took him down and placed him standing on the floor which of course made him upset, and so out of anger he took 3 steps right back to me and once he was in my arms he let out a huff mix laugh like ha! I got my way. (He IS so much like his mother)
So he has begun walking. How should I feel? 9 MONTH-walking, nothin but trouble!! He already gets into everything now he will be all over this house, and OH! yeah- he is also climbing up our gates we have set up in the house!! What do I do about THAT!!?!? I can't keep that kid from anything he wants to do, he is gonna be one head strong determined kid! Scary, but we love him so much! He really is the greatest blessing!

Family Reunion-North Carolina

Here we have NaMaw Nell and Amulek taking a nap hehehe my sneaky sista snuck this shot and of course it woke Mama but we got it, so I gotta post it!! And above is just Amulek's latest closeup shot- everyone always asks me what color his eyes are, and honestly they are BOTH blue and brown, I dunno if YOU can tell in this photo but his eyes are blue with lances of brown-look closely I promise Im telling the truth. So anyone know what I should put on documents? Blue? Brown? both? undecided? :) hehe

So, this past weekend we headed down for the Bunn Family Reunion (my moms side). Each summer we go down to my great aunt and uncle's lake house and literally just talk, cook, eat, laugh, and RELAX. The lake house is big so there are always a lot of people and they have a boat, so we always go for a ride which is tradition for me, I can't leave without a boat ride. This year was Amulek's first reunion, and he was a hit (shocking I know). All I can say is that Amulek is very much like his mother (me), EXTREMELY social, and he loves to make people laugh. And he is not a shy child at all, he loves everybody which I appreciate about his personality so much, especially coming from such a large family, it helps when we all get together and he has fun with everyone from his great grandma "Pumpkin Pie", to his great great aunts and uncles, to my younger and his older cousins. It was such a good time this past weekend, he really did well on this trip and I am so proud of him.
But I just wanted to share a few pics of our weekend and the fun we had with all our family.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

daddy time

Amulek LOVES his papi!! Erix was home for 2 weeks cause he fell and broke his arm at work- not fun at all-its the first time he has every really hurt himself. Its a long story but he was out in the middle of no where, the ladder wobbled and he fell just the right way to break the radius of his right arm. We were in the ER for over 3 hours and he was in ALOT of pain, he didnt want to talk or to have anyone touch him, I felt completely useless I couldnt do anything to comfort him. Good news is he is healing well, and now has the 6 week cast on which he cant wait to get off. But because of those 2 weeks Amulek got to have more papi time, which meant more play time. And they really do love playing together. And as you can see Amulek LOVES to give KISSES! even sometimes with his binky in:) Momma taught him right- we love to share love!

Summer FUN!!

Soooo we have discovered that NOTHING stops Amulek. He wanted a popscicle so he opened the box and pulled some out, boy was he determined!!! He actually pulled on them so hard he busted one of them and blue juice went ALL OVER the pops in the box.
We also discovered Amulek LOVES watermelon!!! We had fun on the back porch eating that sweet summer juiciness!! And afterwards Erix and i started kicking the soccer ball around while Amulek had fun eating grass haha just kidding, he was watching us grinning and laughing, then we let him in on the game and he had a blast! Crossing our fingers for the next medio catracho soccer king, and piano player, and whatever else he'd like to pursue that interests him. :) He's so much fun!!

Camera Shy??

So maybe mommy (me) likes to take pictures of Amulek ALOT. And for sure he doesn't mind. He comes crawling up to me trying to take the camera away wondering why that bright light keeps flashing at him :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

This morning

So this morning I woke up and Amulek actually has been staying asleep while I get Erix' breakfast and lunch ready before we need to leave to drop him off at work. We had some extra time this morning so I was moving at a regular pace and got everything done early enough to stop and enjoy looking at my sweet angel. I hope I'm not jinxing myself but, he is finally sleeping long stretches of time in his crib (5-7 hours) which has been kinda nice. But I snuck this pic this morning of our sweet boy, he was so comfortable and looked so peaceful there, I HAD to take this picture.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Raleigh NC-Pullen Park

So this past weekend we went to NC to visit some family and we had a GREAT time. Even though it was EXTREMELY humid we had a nice time at the park. We had a picnic which my sweet sis Rebekah made for us. Then we went to ride the carosel which was a first for Amulek-he enjoyed it. Afterwards we went and rode a train they have there in the park it was awesome really! We even crossed a bridge over a lake, it was very beautiful.

Its been a MONTH?!?!

I can't believe I let a month go by without posting anything, BUT I have been very busy. I am currently taking summer classes which are 4 weeks long and we have to do the same amount of work in those 4 weeks as we do in a normal 16 week semester. But I have so much I want to share!!
First of all, our new favorite picture of Amulek above. He is such an amazingly happy kid. And he really does have THE best smile!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

new changes for MOMMY

So I got sick of my hair...but I LOVE this new do! Just wanted to share it with everyone! Tell me what you think!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

First Time for many things

first time wearing a SOMBRERO!! PAPI'S SOMBRERO! You see me with my hair..long on top and a lil' in the back....
Now ya don't!! Papi (Erix) cut Amulek's hair today, he had some very random long pieces on top of his head and in the back, so Erix thought it was time to cut it, I sniffled through it all, he looks like a lil' man now and not such a baby :( he's growing up way too fast!-Amulek's first hair cut :( *sniff**Sniff*
You can just call me "Shades" I'm gettin ready for a hot sunny summer outside havin' fun with my mami and papi.

My first dance with Tia BuhBekah-she may not like this picture but I do, it shows her simple beauty and the love she has for her nephew. Whenever she visits she pretty much has him in arms the whole time.