Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Dare Devilish Boy

Ya know.. you would think that after Amulek climbs on something and falls pretty hard, stands up screaming and crying reaching out for mama that he would stop. Right.?... NO! NOT Amulek! Amulek is CONSTANTLY trying to climb on things or ME, trying to strech his abilities of new hieghts and balancing. Amulek received a gift (before he was even born) of this drumlike toy that is not flat on the bottom, its curved, and he has figured out that he can turn it over and it can be a chair to sit on, a "ladder" that allows him to reach things too high for him, OR a new way to scare mommy trying to balance on it not holding on to anything. He surprised me at first and it was a little tricky for him, but dog-on-it, the second time he tries he has it down. Below is a video of his amazing balancing act! Enjoy!

Balancing Act