Monday, March 31, 2008

Playtime -On the Move-Sleepy!!

So, Amulek sleeps with us 98% of the time. He woke up one night screaming with teething pain, poor guy. I stayed up with him for a few mins, and in the process he spit up on me and himself and needed new jammies, BUT he fell asleep before I could put some on and I was NOT waking a sleeping baby just for jammies. So he slept in just his diaper, we woke up and I thought he looked so cute and peaceful. Isn't he just adorable!
Love to be with NaMah!! And Im so cute in my diaper!
The boy is on the move, he'll go from sitting to his hands and knees, time to start baby proofing the house!
I don't know if you can see it clearly, but Amulek is holding Tigger, it is from his lil' mobile on his crib- He ripped Tigger off one day and wants to have him everyday, so we had to keep him off and put him in his toy basket, its really cute. Currently Amulek just uses Tigger as a chew toy while he's teething.

Such a FUN baby!

"reading" what a smart boy!!

bathtime is his FAVORITE! In the kitchen sink, or in the tub with his cousin, it doesnt matter, he LOVES it!

more food moments

Each new food is an adventure. He likes his cereal and oatmeal but they have to be warm.
Foods Amulek Likes: butternut squash, sweet pototoes, peaches, carrots Food Amulek Dislikes: peas, apples, pears~ we're working with him though :)

Photo Update- Food

So here I amafter my first taste of "real" food. no bad ugly faces, just kind of confused trying to figure out what mommy just put in his mouth.

Been a long time

So I know its been a long time since I have updated info or pics, but I am a busy woman and homework, papers, and projects come before fun blog time unfortunately, but I promise when I am all done with my crazy schedule I will be better at writing more often.
Anyway... new news, Amulek is 5 and a half months, will be 6 on April 14th! Time is going by way too fast for me. He is such an amazing baby! Very healthy and very strong. He has been rockin' back an forth on his knees for about 2 weeks now, he is gonna take off any day now. He has also been fussy lately, his two bottom front teeth are coming in and I know he is in pain poor lil' guy, he wants to chew on everything. But he still has his amazing happy disposition. He loves to laugh and play with us. He is also a very social baby, he is pretty much happy with anyone who wants to give him attention.
Erix and I feel so blessed! Amulek really is our joy and happiness. School and work are tough for us both, very time consuming. So its great to come home and just play and love all over Amulek. He definitely helps de-stress his mommy after a long day of school. He really is the biggest blessing for me in my life right now. Erix and Amulek are my support and strength helping me push through school. Its hard to balance but I keep telling myself it'll be worth it in the end.
Here is the most recent picture of us. Take care and God Bless you all!!