Monday, April 28, 2008

First Time for many things

first time wearing a SOMBRERO!! PAPI'S SOMBRERO! You see me with my hair..long on top and a lil' in the back....
Now ya don't!! Papi (Erix) cut Amulek's hair today, he had some very random long pieces on top of his head and in the back, so Erix thought it was time to cut it, I sniffled through it all, he looks like a lil' man now and not such a baby :( he's growing up way too fast!-Amulek's first hair cut :( *sniff**Sniff*
You can just call me "Shades" I'm gettin ready for a hot sunny summer outside havin' fun with my mami and papi.

My first dance with Tia BuhBekah-she may not like this picture but I do, it shows her simple beauty and the love she has for her nephew. Whenever she visits she pretty much has him in arms the whole time.

Friday, April 18, 2008

6 months old!

Soooo Amulek had his 6 month check up yesterday. He did so well! He is our strong brave boy! Really! He of course got his shots which of course he doesn't like, but he only cried maybe 10-15 seconds, looked at the nurses and started grinning. But just for an update, he is 17 pounds 11 ounces, and 26 inches long! He only gained a pound from 4-6 months but grew more than 2 inches! He is finally slimming up- but he's still a chunk, but very solid! I'll post more pics later!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A few fun random pictures

Why yes I AM cute!!
I promise we are good parents! We were just having fun
Erix is such a good dad, he loves Amulek so much, those two together are such clowns, they laugh and play ALL THE TIME!
Amulek wearing Pops' socks... he loved it!!

This is Amulek with Rigdon and Aily, two friends from church who also went up to the temple on saturday with us, It was was cute, they were just sitting there looking at eachother and all of a sudden Rigdon leans over and gives Amulek a hug... too cute!

Thought Provoking

So we walked outside the temple with Amulek for a while saturday, just enjoying the beautiful spring flowers and blooms on the trees, and it was a warm gorgeous day. (I got sunburned, grrr!) But now that Amulek is sitting and moving around some now by himself, we got a few awesome pictures.
It is awesome to think of Amulek's future. That one day he will enter the doors of the temple. that onw day he will serve a mission, all that his future holds... and its my job to teach him right that he will put the Lord first and do His will instead of his own. It's amazing to think about.

My first Temple Trip

This past weekend was the first time I have been able to go to the temple since Amulek was born, and by the way justa side note, Amulek turned 6 months yesterday!!! How time goes by! But, we had a wonderful day at the temple, really! We saw alot of friends from our stake, my older brothers stake from southern virginia, my sister (in-law)'s brother Harry, I also saw a girl who was in my ward at BYU-Idaho, she is serving her mission at the Washington DC temple visitor center, it was such a cool day.

Friday, April 11, 2008


So my sweet lil' boy has been teething for a few weeks now, and his gums are swollen and he is chewing and biting on everything!! Well before I go on, please know I am a great mom and love my son... :) but we did try something new... he loves ice water... and we have these low cal fruit pops and he saw them and he was eying them while we were eating, now Amulek is a very energetic little boy, he is always moving, even when he's asleep. But as he was looking at us eating our pops his eyes were stuck but his hands and feet were all over the place AND he was drooling. So, what did momma do? I let him taste. :) Which I thought would help his teething, and he loved it, but maybe a lil' too much. He has had some for the past 3 nights, and heaven forbid your try and take it away.. he starts throwing a tantrum... throws his head back and kicking his feet..and the boy is only 6 months old!! But we love him... Id rather give him a fruit pop then fill him up on meds anyway. But boy is he cute when he gets mad... just like his momma :) hehehe

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

all smiles

So I have to get up early every morning and bring my sweet hubby to work, and majority of the time Amulek is still asleep, and since my dad was still here I left Amulek in bed sleeping. I came home with my dad and Amulek standing in the doorway, as I walked up I said hey buddy, and Amulek gave me a sweet smile. Dad said it was the 1st time he smiled this morning. Thing is he usually wakes up smiling- guess he wanted to see his momma. Makes me feel so good when he does things like that. I worry sometimes he wont be as attached to me b/c I am in school everyday. But lil' things like his smile let me know he knows Im his momma and NOBODY loves him like I do!