Tuesday, January 29, 2008

how could I forget!!!!!????

ok so I didnt forget, I must have overlooked or pushed a wrong button or something, cause I got a picture posted of every family member, EXCEPT Muncle Micah!! I hope he can forgive me! And so all can see who my very handsome younger brother is (dont let it go to your head Micah), Micah is a GREAT uncle, loves his nephews so much, and what I appreciated so much when he was here... after having Amulek I still had to get up early and bring Erix to work, but Micah was so kind and willing to take Amulek in his room till I got back. I will have to look and see if I can find any pics of those two cuddling but yeah, Micah loved his one on one time with Amulek. He will be a GREAT dad one day!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mommy's Favorite pics of Amulek

so ever since Halloween I have called Amulek "Pumpkin" reason being obvious from the pic but he is so sweet!, and the binki matching was NOT planned

this is one of my fav pics- I went to kiss Amulek and he went in for a kiss too :)- and he only does that for my kisses :) he knows who loves him

Blessing outfit pics- I actually made his suit with my own two hands

LOVE this picture- shows how happy he is- 95% of the time he is this happy and smiley!

haha bath time! He LOVES his baths, but so do Erix and I- its kinda like play time for us, we get to do his hair. like his faux hawk?? :)

"playtime" - fun pics of Amulek

so Amulek has this "exersaucer" thing which he loves cause he can "stand up" all by himself, push buttons, and put toys in his mouth, so he is pretty content there.

this has been one if his favorite toys since he was a few weeks old, its some toy he kicks and the toys above him spin and make noises and sing-he kicks like CRAZY!

So Amulek is also almost sitting up by himself now, this was a fun picture because I caught it as he was falling to one side- dont worry he didnt get hurt!

FIRST SNOW!! We only got a few inches, but I couldnt wait to take him out to "play"- we went sledding and he LOVED it!

I do not know why these pics turn out side ways nor have I figured how to put them upright but, here is me pulling Amulek in the sled- I think it was more fun for me than him!

and more pics!

Colinsito in front, Ian in red, Allistair next to Amulek

Ian protecting Amulek

Maria playing with Amulek's hair

Amulek with tio Colin and Ian, unfortunately Amulek was tired

Maria and the boys :) cute huh?

more family time

#1 aunt buh-Bekah :) not only does Amulek have a gorgeous aunt, she has the touch to get him to sleep!
#2 great aunt Janice and uncle Frank from North Carolina
#3 cousin Garner from southern Virginia area
#4 Amulek and tia Maria from California- Maria couldn't kiss him enough :)
#5 Amulek and cousin Ian from California- Ian LOVED Amulek, he was really protective of him when we went out there to visit- they were really cute together.

Family Time

We just wanted to post some pictures we have of Amulek with his extended family here in the east and also his tia Maria, tio C olin, and cousins Ian, Allistair, and Colinsito who live in California.
#1 Uncle Josh, Aunt Sarah and cousin Garner
#2 Tia Moncha from the Atlanta area
#3 Amulek with Pops
#4 Our family photo with my parents
$5 Amulek and Garner with grandma "Pumpkin Pie" as Erix likes to call her

Good Evening-
Its sunday afternoon and I have some time now to do a little writing. Today at church journal writing was mentioned, and blogging came up as a way- which reminded me that I need to do an update and let everyone know how we are doing.
As everyone wants to know-Amulek is doing great! He surprises me everyday. He is almost 4 months old already and he is such a happy baby, really! He only cries for two reasons, 1- he wants food, 2- he is tired. Other than that he is always happy, smiley, and talkative. He has recently discovered his voice and loves to hear himself "talk". He has been rolling over since he was 2 months old, loves to stand, and while holding his hands he takes actual steps- scary! I am afraid he is gonna be an early walker.
I was really worried that with me going to school and AMulek being so young, he wouldnt form an attachment to me as I would like- but I was wrong, he plays well with everyone, but when its cuddle time or time to sleep, he usually wants mami, which makes me so happy.
I still can't believe how blessed me are as a family. We have ups and downs just like everyone else, but I literally feel joy everyday! There really is no greater gift in my life than my family. I had a rough few months at the end of the pregnancy until Amulek was 2 months old. I now know not to take simply happy moments for granted. We hope our friends, family and loved ones are well. And please take time to enjoy the simple joyful moments of life. God Bless

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So by request of a dear sweet friend(you know who you are) I am finally getting my act together and I have actually found some time- I am starting the Lagos Family blogSPOT! Forgive me for my tardiness but I am a very busy full time mom and full time student. But I will not linger on that.
So...life... we are all doing GREAT! I am back in school full time, which exudes mixed feelings. I LOVE learning, so I am enjoying being back in school, BUT I totally hate that I am away from my sweet boy 25 hours a week. I keep telling myself it is for a better future (which it is), and I feel personally I need to get my degree ASAP, Erix is a GREAT support to me! He entertains and takes care of Amulek when I need to study and do my homework, and living with my parents right now while I have to be in school really is the greatest situation for us, Amulek gets to know his grandparents and other people as well. Erix is staying busy with work as a painter, which he really loves!! And us, as a family- we couldn't be happier!!! We truly are blessed!! Our love grows and grows each day
ok this will have to do for now, I have Amulek screaming at ne, and I need to get some sleep :)