Monday, March 30, 2009

Just an update:

This seems to be the easiest way for me to tell everyone without anyone feeling left out of family news. of yesterday Erix is now the Branch President of the spanish branch here in our stake. I am not sure if I am suppose to react a certain way, but I am excited- calm- but excited. We have attended the branch a few times and have spoken there, and we know a few of the members who are so kind. We are anxious for all the work to do to help the branch progress. I have been in a branch my whole life, so it wont be culture shock for me. And I was aksed to bare my testimont yesterday, and standing at the pulpit I felt flashbacks from my mission in Texas. It was there in Texas that I learned of the spansih language and culture, there where I learned to love these wonderful humble people, and where my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ became even more rooted to the power of missionary work. Ever since I served in south Texas the Lord has blessed me with the ability to open my mouth and declare His gospel. I LOVE and often look for opportunities to talk about religion with anyone. I rely on the spirit often to know what exactly I should say, and how to say it. I thank my Father in Heaven daily for blessing me with a "big mouth" and being bold, and for following the prompting to serve a full-time mission. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is the source of all the joy and blessings I have in life. All I have is a blessing from God, and I know that being in the spanish branch is where the Lord needs my family to right now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

more pictures

Amulek with his great-grandmother "Pumpkin Pie"
Amulek with GREAT uncle Larry and Aunt Lorna
sweet cute cousin Julia and I were playing around with the camera. :)
This is a picture at the Market in Charleston near the Battery..... ppl have weave the baskets there, they are beautiful, but EXPENSIVE!
Amulek at his first market trip with mami!!

S.C. pictures

So I was going to make a slide show instead of posting a bunch of pictures, but its updating the system right now, so enjoy!

Spring Break 2009

I have been asked a few times the past few days to post some pictures of our recent short trip to Charleston South Carolina. This was a first time for both Erix and Amulek. It was exciting for me to share and show them both things that I grew up doing, and places I went to annually as a child when I would visit my grand-mother. I will admit that it was a trip greatly needed. I am in my final year in school which means the hardest, for me anyway. I needed this break so bad, and it was exactly what I wanted. I had a great time with family relaxing and riding around a beautiful area of the country. Erix even saw the old hospital where I was born, the chapel where I was blessed as a baby, another where my mother was baptized 34 years ago. It was really a great visit. I havent lived in SC since I was a few weeks old, BUT it holds alot of memories and roots of spiritual blessings for me and my family. Amulek was GREAT traveling, and of course he was the center of attention. There was not a single bad moment, it was perfect!!