Monday, April 20, 2009

He is now 18 months old!

He is just like his FATHER!!

So Erix is a busy guy these days. Weather has warmed up, so that means he is working alot which means up early and home late. I am busy with school finishing up in the next few weeks, so Amulek has been spending a little more extra time at Na-Ma's and Pop's house. Yesterday being sunday, our branch doesn't meet till 2:20-5:30. And since Erix was recently called, he wanted to go make a few visits to some of the families who were not at church just to get to know them. So I left him at church and I went to my parents house to have dinner with them and to hang out with my younger brother who has been visiting us for the past few days on his break between semesters. Well, Erix didnt end up getting home till after 10:00, Amulek was still awake and those boys have a ritual when Erix comes in the door to my parents house....right as you walk in, the back of my dad's reclincer is to the door. Here is how it goes..
In walks Erix.... Amulek and Erix's eyes meet... they smile... Erix drops down REAL FAST and hides behind the recliner (while pops.. my dad is sitting in it)... Amulek squeals cause daddy is hiding... Erix peaks out from one side.. Amulek steps back with a curious grin on his face... Erix hides again... Amulek looks arond for Erix... Erix peaks out a lil from the other side... Amulek giggles... Erix hides again... and Amulek laughs.... then... Erix comes jumping up from his hiding place and Amulek goes running... Erix chases and begins to tickle Amulek. They both LOVE LOVE LOVE this game, and so does everyone else in the room. (Its great entertainment!!)
So I didnt get that on film, but I DID catch Amulek and Erix playing another game together while Erix ate his dinner. ENJOY!! We sure did!